The Best Advertising Space You Already Own and Aren’t Using – And How to Get Started Right Now!

Between the complexities of new media marketing and expensive print, radio and TV advertising, making the right advertising choice for your small business (and staying within budget) is a challenge. Worry no longer. The best advertising for your business is right outside your front door. And even better news? You already own the space!If your business has a storefront, take a good, hard look at your windows. What do they say about your business to the average consumer walking down the street? What impression are you making? If you’re like most businesses, you’ve been so busy worrying about complex advertising strategies that you’ve neglected the most basic and affordable one: window advertising.Window advertising is a tried and true way to attract customers and showcase your company’s products and services. This proven marketing strategy helps you maximize your revenue while minimizing advertising costs.Stop selling, start marketing: generate customers who want to buy from you!If you’re like most small businesses, the rising cost of traditional advertising has made print, radio and TV ads simply unaffordable. The Yellow Pages, once the premier advertising space for local businesses, is overpriced and no longer effective. And for all the hype, online advertising can be expensive (those pay-per-clicks really add up) and ineffective (it’s true; most of your marketing emails go straight to the spam folder).Advertising is like sending your best salesman out into the world to tell potential customers all about your business. However, if your customers don’t see or read your ads, that’s a pretty big waste of your best salesman (and your money.) And it doesn’t matter how good a salesman you have – if your salesman doesn’t have anyone to talk to, he’s not going to sell anything.Fortunately, if you’ve got a storefront, you’ve got a window – and that’s all you need for immediate, effective marketing! What does this mean for you? You can finally stop trying to give your customers the hard sell – your window advertisements will increase visibility and naturally bring customers to you! You can finally stop wasting your money on ineffective, over-priced print ads that don’t generate sales leads. And you can finally stop spending your time worrying about the right advertising strategy. You’ll be too busy helping all your new customers!More impressions, more money: the marketing science behind window advertising.The effectiveness of marketing is measured not only in dollars generated, but also in impressions. When you buy an online advertisement, for example, you may pay by ‘cost per impression.’ This means that you pay a fixed price every time a person views your advertisement. The greater the number of impressions, the better, as this indicates that more people are seeing your advertisement. For a storefront window, every person that comes by will see your window advertisement, whether they are driving past on their daily commute or walking down the sidewalk to another store. On a busy street or in a popular shopping mall, that adds up to a lot of impressions very quickly, for not a lot of money! In a strip mall, all the stores look the same. Stand out from the other stores with a fun window graphic and watch as the customers start coming!Bold graphics, bold design: getting the biggest bang for your buck with window advertising.Let’s face it; simple signs and ordinary lettering is boring. When was the last time a basic sign caught your eye as you walked down the street? If you have a storefront on a busy street, you need an eye-catching sign to attract foot traffic and to stand out to cars driving by.Fortunately, thanks to the latest technology, window signs can be anything but boring. Using large format digital printers and computer cutters, graphic sign companies can produce custom, eye-catching and fade-resistant graphic displays. Their window perforations and window vinyl will get you noticed! They can even create the illusion of etched or frosted glass for a fraction of the cost of the real thing.The technical stuff: how window advertising works.When choosing a type of window advertising, consider your needs. Are you looking to brand your storefront or simply highlight a seasonal special? Are you advertising a storewide sale or a specific product? The most important decision you will make is the team you choose to design and install your window graphics. No matter the job, be sure to choose the reputable, experienced professionals. When properly applied, a window vinyl can last for years. However, improperly applied graphics or poorly designed graphics can sink your marketing plans and end up costing you big bucks. A professional team will take the time to understand your needs and will ensure the job gets done right the first time.Have an idea for a design but not sure how to make it work? Use experienced marketing staff and a graphic designer who will work with you to turn your idea into reality and create a totally custom job. Below is a list of commonly asked questions about the window graphic advertising process.How do window vinyl get applied and how long will it take?Window vinyl is computer cut and made to fit on either the outside or inside of your window. The process usually takes around 10 days from concept to completion, although jobs can be completed faster under tight deadlines. “Temporary” window vinyls can be custom made or use pre-cut shapes. These vinyls cling to the window and can easily be removed or repositioned multiple times.How long will my window advertising last?The short answer: as long as you want it to! Because window vinyl is an outdoor sign, it is always laminated to protect the sign from the elements. Your window advertising is fade and peel resistant, and designed to last for at least five years.What if I just want temporary advertising?Looking to highlight a seasonal promotion or special deal? Temporary window vinyls are a cost-effective, eye-catching, creative solution. These designs easily peel on and off the window, and are designed for multiple applications. So feel free to advertise a Valentine’s Day special – with the peace of mind that when the holiday is over, you can easily swap the advertisement out for a spring theme. No mess, no fuss!Are window graphics see-through?Some window vinyls can be designed so that you can see through from the inside while the outside observer can only see the marketing graphic. These vinyls are also known as ‘window perfs.’ The one downside to window perfs is that when it is dark outside at night, the perf will not be visible when the interior store light is on. Other vinyls are opaque, and you cannot see through them.The bottom line: your business simply can’t afford for you NOT to use window advertising!Your storefront window truly is your company’s ‘window to the world.’ Window advertising is a tried and true way to attract customers and showcase your business’s products and services. You already own or rent the space – so stop wasting money and energy on expensive advertisements and install window graphics today!