April 24, 2024

When creating an advertising campaign for a big brand, an advertising agency will always strive for one thing – mass appeal. The greater the appeal, the greater the result. There are a few key strategies by which advertising agencies should abide in order to ensure they produce the right advertising campaign for their brand.Design – You should always seek to capture people’s imaginations and strive for innovative, creative designs within your campaign – never settle for second best or something people feel they’ve seen before. Whether it’s down to typography, the images used or the general concept of the ad, always think out of the box and bear in mind that you need to build a brand that’s memorable and captures people’s imagination.Multi-Platform – Traditionally, a number of different channels are incorporated into an advertising campaign in order to reach the largest audience possible. A combination of traditional and contemporary advertising strategies can be combined to create impactful campaigns. The more conventional methods of print, radio and broadcast out of home are still extremely popular and can be teamed with more bespoke impact locations and modern digital out of home advertising platforms. By encompassing fully-integrated advertising campaigns, brands ensure that they reach a mass audience. Urbanites can be targeted through multi touch points including billboard advertising, digital screen advertising and building wraps, for example, while people in more rural areas can be targeted through the more traditional advertising methods. You should also ensure that you take advantage of social media and make the most of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Millions of people use these sites daily and their power as advertising platforms cannot be underestimated.Interactive – Advertising campaigns are becoming increasingly interactive. Brands want to engage with their audiences, especially gadget-obsessed younger ones. An advertising campaign comes alive by devising things such as apps and online games that are in line with your advertising campaign. A recent example of this is HTC’s UK-wide campaign where members of the general public were invited to create poster designs for the launch of the new HTC One smartphone. The winning designs were then exhibited on giant posters in seven different cities throughout the UK. This campaign, run in conjunction with blowUP media, is a classic example of a brand wanting to engage its audience and integrate consumers within their advertising campaign.Advertising agencies now recognize that they need to reach the largest possible audience in order to maximize exposure for a product. In doing so, this mass marketing should result in higher sales and greater results.