April 24, 2024

When planning a wedding, choosing the perfect wedding favor is a detail that often gets overlooked amid choosing the right dress, best catering and most beautiful flowers. Wedding favors are an opportunity to thank family and friends for all that they have done for the happy couple. They are also the perfect way to remember the wedding day for years to come. That is why choosing truly unique wedding favors will make a huge impact on a wedding and its guests.There are several ways brides go about choosing unique wedding favors. Most try to tie into the “theme” of the wedding. Others try to coordinate with their wedding colors or the table decorations. Whatever the goal, here are some truly unique wedding favors to consider when planning the ultimate wedding:The Sentimental Wedding FavorBrides who favor sentimentality tend to like unique wedding favors that highlight the day and the happy couple. A small sterling silver picture frame with the date engraved can serve as a stylish table placeholder before going home with each guest. To really take it to the next level in unique wedding favors, have the wedding photographer take a photo of each guest or couple and forward a copy to them when they are printed. Often weddings are occasions where people look their best and a photo would be treasured.Unique wedding favors that still capture the sentimental spirit can also include a personalized CD burned with songs from the wedding. Most songs are chosen ahead of time, so the CD can include the ones used for the bride and groom’s first dance, her father/daughter dance, his mother/son dance and the bridal party dance. There will still be plenty of room for some of the happy couple’s favorite or sentimental songs as well. A customized CD label is the perfect finishing touch.The Everlasting Wedding FavorOne of the best ways to commemorate a wedding day is to give guests a gift that will stay with them forever. Unique wedding favors that fall into this category include any sort of live plant or flower. These small flowers or saplings can be used to decorate the tables with greenery as well! Guests will love the idea of planting a tree or plant in their own yards and will remember the wedding day every time they look at the tree.Plant wedding favors are also a perfect solution for brides planning a “green” wedding. Many brides try to avoid the waste that often comes with typical wedding favors.The Edible Wedding FavorGiving guests the gift of food has always been a very popular wedding favor solution! There are ways to make unique wedding favors edible, however. It just takes a little thinking outside the box. Customizing edible treats is always a good way to take a wedding favor to the next level.Cookies and chocolates are easily customized with the wedding date or couple’s name. Specialty fortune cookies are another option – especially when the fortune is customized! A personalized mint tin also works as a unique wedding favor because the tin can be refilled and used again and again.The Destination Wedding FavorDestination weddings are becoming more and more popular. When planning a destination wedding, it is appropriate to coordinate unique wedding favors to match the locale. Beach weddings are typically the most popular destination wedding and there are several options for incorporating a beach theme into the favors.Unique wedding favors for a beach wedding can be as simple as a beautiful bleached starfish tied with a satin ribbon or as elaborate as custom embroidered beach tote bags. Other beach ideas include sailboat tea lights, seashell cookie cutters and mini beach pails filled with goodies. Another popular wedding destination is a beautiful mountain setting. In this case, the best scenario for unique wedding favors typically involves nature. The living trees or plants mentioned above would work nicely in a mountain setting. Also, anything carved from wood, candied nuts, or homemade candles.There are literally thousands of options when choosing unique wedding favors. By taking the time to think about what friends and family can really use and what will be the best accent for the wedding, brides can really make a statement of thanks. Unique wedding favors really stand out among the typical and guests will know immediately that a lot of thought went into planning this affair!